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We often have holiday attention grabbers available!

Alternatively, you can use the Javascript API to show a different Attention Grabber image on individual pages, to increasing visitor engagement wherever they are on your site.

The number of "unread message" is the number of new messages displayed/received since you visited the buffer.

command is an IRC command, so it applies only for IRC buffers (servers and channels).

It is not recommended to edit configuration files by hand because Wee Chat may write them at any time (for example on /quit) and after any change you must run the command /reload (with the risk of losing other changes that were not yet saved with /save).

A requirement is that you ran the server with the enabled chat service once.After that the wrapper will generate a prosody configuration file in If you adjust it, the new configuration will be available after a restart of your diaspora server.If you don't want to restart the whole instance you can flush the new configuration by restarting the xmpp server only: Log into Diaspora and you should see the web client in the right corner.On some distros like Debian, plugins are available via a separate package (like weechat-plugins).Plugins are automatically loaded when found (please look at the Wee Chat documentation to load/unload plugins or scripts).