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I am a current member who can see the pros and cons of this site.

The one issue is the males have to pay for subscription which includes access to the chatroom where as a female can be a trial member can still accee it without paying. The chatrooms are hardly ever used or has a lack of numbers in it.

The previous reviewer is spot on in regards to the chatrooms.

But it is split into 3 sections including a adult room for terms of sex and the like. Can be good with improvement but better then some others that are around. Can say I've met more people, after leaving the site. I can see this site going down hill very quickly Signed up to see if this site was different, sent out loads of winks and have heard nothing......thought I'd check out the reviews and it's amazing all the negatives are as you'd expect written by real people, the positives are well to polished in the way they are written Almost as if they were written by the 'amazing ' admin staff....