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If you take a peep into her plate, she will not have touched the gravy which comes with the Biryani.That’s the mark of a true Biryani lover – the Biryani is to be had unsullied except for the gentle dulling of the spices by the raita. She might give you a glare as the girls who eat Biryani do not like to be interrupted. Ask her if she thought the rice could have imbibed the masala better. Let her know what you really think of Vegetable Biriyani.It is said that the news of the world war reached Calicut along with the morning eggs. Perhaps it’s only true that the price of eggs was the first the Calicut Parsis saw of the costs of war; the first of many.Maybe they remembered what happened to the price of eggs, even years and years later, because they wanted to forget what happened to the boys.Seventy percent of the students are girls and the college is free from gender discrimination.The college Women’s hostel is a home away from home.See if she thinks only Mutton Biryani deserves to be called Biryani.

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The college caters to the needs of the students of Malappuram, Palghat and Trichur districts.Ask her if she knows Kalyani and pray she doesn’t say ‘Who? She understands there are highs and lows in a relationship and it might not always be rosy.Just like how the masala is not even throughout and the flavor might vary from part to part.Date a girl who knows her Hyderabadi from her Malabar Biryani, can distinguish between the scents of Awadhi Biryani and Chettinadu Biryani in her sleep. You’ll know she does because she sniffs the air in anticipation when the waiter is bringing her order.She’s the one who has chicken bones stacked neatly on the side of her plate and an empty bowl of raita beside her in restaurants (Unless she’s not finished, in which case she’s the one who’s eating Biryani.) You see the weird chick who’s peering into your plate when you’re gorging on Biryani like there’s no tomorrow? She’s the girl you run into at Shanmukha Biryanis and then again at Biryani zone.