Brian hwanhee dating

We are your premier source of all these stories and many others.Kpop idols are more than just great singers, songwriters, and dancers; they are also skilled actors, designers, and even writers.The most notable R&B duo of our generation is finally back with a new song called You You You.

Hwanhee said he’s very satisfied with how he is at the moment, and is happy just having Brian by his side. Photo Credit: Loen Entertainment Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong ([email protected])[Any copying, republication or redistribution of content other than for personal uses is expressly prohibited without prior permission from enews World.Mereka keluar resmi dari pertunjukan pada tanggal 18 Januari 2009.Um…isn’t it pointless to completely restructure one’s face after being in the star biz for about 8 years?Dia didorong untuk audisi oleh seorang anggota staf yang bekerja untuk SM Entertainment di festival SMA-nya.Dia juga lulusan Universitas Kyunghee, jurusan post-modern musik.