Bottom dating a bottom

After a few nervous pleasantries, Eddie/Jives serves up dinner whilst Richie blags his way through his alleged wealth.He then soon gets down to the route of the matter; sex, and whether she believes in committing the act before marriage, to which she agrees. In a modern world full of hipsters, selfie sticks and kale, it's sometimes good for the soul to embrace your inner slob and take a leaf out of Richie and Eddie's book.To celebrate the milestone, we've put together a guide to becoming the ultimate slobby, disgusting and sad git.1.Richie goes into overload and disappears upstairs on the promise that she will be up shortly, leaving her alone with Eddie, who becomes suspicious of her interest in Richie.Natasha reveals that all she is after is marrying into money so that her family don't go bankrupt.” But no one has ever had a serious problem with it, and they all gave me their permission to write about the night.Well this past week, I went on a date with a guy we’ll call anonymous because he really does not want me to reveal basically anything about him.

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): Most guys have many girls calling so they choose which girl to take out on a given night.

It ended up being me, Jenn, her three sisters, and their mom.

My favorite karaoke song, unfortunately, is Dolly Parton's "9 to 5," which was a campy hit with the girls when I sang it.

Aside from shedding light on the horror that is the male mind, this blog includes sad personal anecdotes, to help you feel better about yourself.

My method of exposing my pathetic dating life allows you to say: "At least I'm not bad."With most of my friends out of town this past weekend, I pledged to get work done and put finishing touches on my new apartment.