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(1930 – 1978) Politician Harvey Milk was born on May 22, 1930, in Woodmere, Long Island.Milk served in the Navy, inspired by the cause of stopping the Communists in Korea.An openly gay candidate, he ruffled the feathers of older, more cautious gays, and his hippie appearance put off many voters.Dropping his hippie image, he focused on his professional demeanor.□ Don’t let alcohol or other drug use cloud your decision making and affect your behavior.

In Manhattan, Milk began working as an actuarial statistician with the Great American Insurance Company, then later with a Wall Street investment firm.

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While in Manhattan Milk was a strong conservative, but after becoming “more friendly” with the New York theater world, Milk adopted a more “hippie” liberal lifestyle.

Dropping out of Wall Street, Milk grew out his hair and burned Bank of America card to protest the Vietnam War.