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Still, the three most popular searches listed on its website are 'Webcam,' 'Cams' and 'Netcam.' The site's capability is fascinating — and potentially disturbing.

But, creepiness aside, are there actual risks associated with, say, someone in a remote location tuning in to a baby monitor?

The other webcams offer more detailed information that varies from cam to cam based on available access to the image. These sites create 24 hour and 30 day time lapse video of webcams from around the world.

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The 15 DOT Live Streams offer a share button, and a return link to the webcams page.

"The dancing, the sexuality, and just being the romantic lead isn't really what I'm used to." I’m used to taking the hit, being the guy who gets beat up.

So, it’s nice to do these kinds of projects to push for further diversity and for pushing the agenda to prove that Asian men aren’t just martial artists or nerds.” Written, directed, and produced by Na Rhee Ahn, the short film follows a young Asian-American married couple who try spice up their night in by watching "Magic Mike" only to find the mood ruined by the movie's lack of hot Asian men.

"It's time we proudly declare how sexy and desirable our Asian American brothers are." According to a 2016 study by University of Southern California's Media, Diversity, and Social Change Initiative at the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Asians represented only 3.9 percent of speaking roles across film, television, and digital series in 2015 while nearly half of those projects featured no Asians at all.

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