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As an academic faculty member and researcher for over 30 years, I was very careful during my search for and selection of an instructional program to help me learn Mandarin.I found the one-to-one instruction using a Skype environment to provide a direct and important presence by the faculty members.

The support team helps a lot as well in getting started and using the online environment.As of March 2017, there are about 700 million Chinese Internet users, and many of them have a high-speed Internet connection.Most of the users live in urban areas but at least 178 million users reside in rural towns.The residence is located 10 minutes away from the Beijing Capital International Airport and connected to the city conveniently by Metro Line 15 station.As a tribute to the revolutionary leader, against his wishes of cremation he was preserved in a capacious mausoleum known as the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, where the people of China could revere and admire him for decades to come, ensuring his legacy and contributions to China will not be forgotten.