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I get asked a lot of questions about dating but I felt the easiest way to start a series of posts addressing dating was to say: You need to go into dating with a reasonable level of trust and self-esteem.

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I wrote the editorial below almost two and a half years ago, shortly after Facebook bought Whats App for close to 20 billion dollars and Black Berry Messenger finally went cross-platform when there was almost no one left to care.

After this date, anyone caught in possession of one could face a five-year prison sentence.

Assistant Chief Constable Sue Fish, the Acpo spokeswoman on gun crime, said that although there was no known case of an Olympic being used in a murder, they were being taken out of circulation because they were a "significant threat to public safety".

Juxtaposed against the value of the one and the tragedy of the other, many questioned Apple's decision to keep i Message proprietary. Rumors of i Message for Android showing up at WWDC 2016 — which did not pan out — got the smoke going, and just yesterday, John Gruber added the fuel to the fire with this comment on Daring Fireball: I've heard from little birdies that mockups of i Message for Android have circulated within the company, with varying UI styles ranging from looking like the i OS Messages app to pure Material Design.1 i Message for Android may never see the light of day, but the existence of detailed mockups strongly suggests that there's no "of course not" to it.

Apple explores, mocks up, and even prototypes anything and everything any of us could think of, as long as it makes enough sense.