Atheist dating a catholic girl

As an adult, I'd place my hand on the outside of the plane while boarding and pray that the "sacred blood of our Lord Jesus Christ" would protect the plane and passengers -- and I believed with my whole heart that it would work (since I haven't been involved in a plane crash, I guess it did). I abandoned all thoughts of God in my twenties, until it became clear that I needed to be sober.

Recovery meetings are spiritual (not religious) and at that point I settled on a God-centric but non-Christian spirituality that worked perfectly for me. My husband's spirituality is absolutely not my concern.

At first, it was supposed to be a casual dating situation, but it turned into something much more; I'm in love!

But I just started college this year and fell in love with an atheist man.

He COMPLETELY respects my religious views, and has never insulted me on my faith (except for when he's just teasing me - we like to tease each other on our faith differences).

Also, I like discussing with him the difference of our beliefs because it has made me more confident about myself and my background. I have a two-part problem: We had pre-marital sexual relations (which I know is a sin).

– the guys you want to date) will choose to “hide” those pictures from their newsfeeds anyway [edit: No one believed me on this one.

So I compiled some proof….] That picture we took at the beach with our friends last Saturday?