Asia argento dating

Let's know a bit about their past marital relationships.

Asia Argento was married to a multi-media artist Michael Civetta in 2008.

Anthony Bourdain just made his relationship with Italian actress Asia Argento Instagram official.

The celebrity chef shared a photo of himself with his girlfriend sitting on the grass outside in Rome on Tuesday.

In a CNN blog post about the recent episode, Bourdain actually revealed quite a bit about his feelings toward Argento, calling her "brilliant and always honest...truly magnificent." Much of that post is about him falling in love with Rome, but given the recent developments, it's not really hard to read between the lines given that he compares the two of them to "exotic birds" and writes evocatively of touring the city, eating in her home, and going to "a batshit crazy boxing club where we ate pasta ringside as gladiators pounded one another and the crowd hooted and roared." If that isn't love, what is?

I always thought it was sick to choose looking at yourself on a big screen as your job.

I saw him give a talk last year and he seemed so chill and way less douchey than he comes off on TV.

He'd make really corny jokes and laugh at himself for telling them. I thought that as well until his super stupid comments about how all those 'elites' need to hang with those 'real Americans,' and that's why we lost in November.

, in Rome, and that the pair fell for each other thereafter.

Writing in a CNN blog post about the episode last year, recently single Bourdain was effusive in his praise for Argento: "The episode would not have been possible—or be anything like it is without the truly magnificent Asia Argento," he wrote, describing her as "always honest, completely unsparing.