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But the Maidens’ House is more than works by great masters such as Rubens, Van Dyck and Jordaens.

The museum is also dedicated to care for foundlings, orphans and the poor in Antwerp over the centuries.

The objective is to highlight the way the centuries-old diamond trade plays an important role in the City of Antwerp on an economic, cultural as well as historical level – and to engage its residents and visitors in its diamond story.

The “We Speak Diamond” campaign refers to how, in Antwerp, more than 70 different nationalities and communities shape the industry’s identity and how this great diversity of individuals speak the same language: diamond.

As you enter, you literally step from trendy modern Antwerp into medieval Antwerp.

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A visit to the Maidens’ House is more than an ordinary museum visit, in other words.

Antwerp is one of the most populated cities in Belgium, with a rich cultural heritage and magnificent architecture.

In Antwerp, like in all parts of Belgium, the teaching style in universities is open and interactive with focus on students own development and encouraging them to express their interests and opinions.

Students can choose to specialise in numerous degrees in various subject areas, like: art and humanities, education and training, business, law, finance, accounting, science, mathematics, engineering, construction, or health care.

Choosing to study in Antwerp you will benefit from high quality undergraduate and postgraduate studies as well as academic short courses, certificate and diploma studies covering a wide array of interests and learning purposes.