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They also seek an order postponing the voting day in respect of the aforesaid affected municipalities "if necessary".[3] In Part B of the Notice of Motion they seek an order declaring the appointment of the Interim Regional Executive for the Amathole region of the first respondent, as well as the impugned lists of candidates for the local government elections to be held on , to be null and void.They allege further that they are all office bearers of the various sub-regions in the Amathole Region.As a rational critical inquiry on Africans and their worlds, it is consequently the task of African philosophy and of African philosophers to make the uncoordinated coordinated, the uncritical critical and the inarticulate articulate, particularly of the preliterate Africa.On the former view, philosophy counts as African if it involves African themes such as perceptions of time, personhood, space and other subjects, or uses methods that are defined as distinctively African. Omoregbe broadly defines a philosopher as one who attempts to understand the world's phenomena, the purpose of human existence, the nature of the world, and the place of human beings in that world.Fiona Macleod is an environmental writer for the Mail & Guardian newspaper and editor of the M&G Greening the Future and Investing in the Future supplements.She is also editor of Lowveld Living magazine in Mpumalanga.After four months of prison “shock time” for drunken driving in St.

Take Eugene Taylor, a construction worker serving 20 years for a child sex offense.

A court judgment in 2014 put him on the hook for 1,884 — plus any future costs of his incarceration.

The trigger for that bill: two checks totaling ,989 that his ailing, 98-year-old grandfather sent to him in prison.

They allege that they brought the proceedings in their personal capacities as well as their representative capacities on behalf of those members who belong to the respective branches which fall under the various sub-regions that they represent.[1] The applicants launched urgent proceedings against the respondents for an order, inter alia, declaring null and void several candidate lists for the forthcoming local government elections which the African National Congress (the first respondent) submitted to the Independent Electoral Commission (the fourth respondent) in respect of various municipalities in the Amathole region.

They also seek an order declaring the appointment of an Interim Regional Executive Committee for the aforesaid region by the first respondent to be null and void.[2] In Part A of their Notice of Motion, which relates to the urgent interim relief, they seek an order prohibiting the fourth respondent from certifying and/or releasing to the public the impugned candidate lists in respect of the affected municipalities in the Ngqushwa, Nxuba, Mbashe, Amahlathi, Nkonkobe, Mnquma and Greater Kei sub-regions, and prohibiting the first, second and third respondents from taking any steps aimed at representing to the public that the persons whose names appear on the said lists are their legitimate candidates in the upcoming local government elections.