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The movie takes us into the dating scene where Yua is led into the streets, public places then to the love hotel.Bon ça va pas du tout, j'ai plein d'onglets de potins ouverts non traduit depuis bien une semaine. Alors qu'aux dernières nouvelles, l'actrice était toujours avec Katsuji Ryo. Clubbing and karaoke are things to do for university students and young professionals in Tokyo on weekend nights.

This was just before I arrived in Tokyo and met Colette (she was living in the same guest house where I was living).Singer-songwriter and actor Jin Akanishi is a true Japanese idol, one of his country’s most recognized and popular personalities. Since 2006, he’s been a member of the pop group KAT-TUN, scoring an impressive 11 consecutive number one singles and four consecutive number one albums on the Japanese charts. I have three new songs, and I’ve also included [elements of] Japanese culture into the show, because I want to expose Americans to the Japanese culture. I also have a section [of the show where I play] drums—Roland V-Drums., which was also based on a Japanese manga series by Yarō Abe.