Ajax preventing designer file from updating

As you can see in the demo, Typable has a neat post loading effect which pulls in posts and pages without refreshing the entire page.

While it is a neat effect, some plugins or modifications may not play nicely with the AJAX.

Smart Admin includes 7 version variations: Static HTML, AJAX, PHP, Angular JS 4.0, Ruby On Rails, React JS and ASP. Each version comes with its own unique properties and usage.

Smart Admin has a vast collection of assorted reusable UI components integrated with latest j Query plugins.

The fact you have made a course which is complete end-to-end is impressive.

We have a long roadmap ahead for improvements and more features.

For beginners there are step-by-step instructions which take you through every step of the project until all the principles have been covered, and then hand over to assignments which allow you to put into practice what you have learned before you see the solutions.

For learners already familiar with some aspects of web design and development who want to move onto specific points more quickly, incremental working files and clear guidance are provided at every stage, allowing you to skip lessons you do not need and rejoin the course at any point without losing track of the necessary code.

Here, you can view the help file, enter your license for theme updates, and view the latest changes to the theme.

Activate Your Theme License By activating your theme license, you can get theme updates right from your Word Press dashboard.