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But the new driver also makes it possible for end users to easily set up the Kinect to function as a simple webcam.

There were other ways to do this, including code in the Kinect for Windows software development kit (SDK) beta 2, but now it’s as easy as opening Device Manager on a Windows 10 machine and locating the driver under the “Kinect sensor devices” folder.

Microsoft today announced a few updates related to its Kinect sensor.

For one thing, the company said that it has followed through on its promise to expose RGB, depth, and infrared data from the Kinect for third-party Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications to use, with the launch of a new Kinect driver for Windows 10.

Just watch the video – though it may initially look a bit janky, you may very well be blown away when he begins to manipulate the camera angle.

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If you take a look at the video from Microsoft’s research group on the new Kinect sensor, you can see it’s really not at all difficult to make out a penis.

The first impressive hack to make use of the quickly knocked together open-source drivers, was Oliver Kreylos.

He managed to take the video stream, and the 3D data, and combine it into a crazy 3D video stream.

The debug mode for the Xbox One Kinect is not something most users will ever see.

It’s designed to offer developers the tools needed to make sure their games are reacting when they should be.