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In January, Twitch decided to create a section on the site for musicians who wanted to play an instrument for a live audience. “When Twitch said they were opening their doors to musicians, I right away thought about streaming Finale,” she said.

Finale is one of a handful of versions of music notation software commonly used by composers to transcribe their music.

Sue was 16 weeks pregnant when she found out she was having twins.

A few years earlier the nurse had fallen in love with David, a truck driver, who she met when he was one of her patients.

But after many years of hiding their lives away from people, the couple say they want to share the reality of caring for adults with disabilities.I’m not even going to start with “beauty” magazines.Baz Luhrmann was right: “reading beauty magazines will only make you feel ugly.”The dating situation is the most painful because it leaves us, girls, feeling most vulnerable…So both Netflix and Handler are treading new ground. I was in Santiago, Chile, and my cousin and I were horseback riding with a group, and I said, “Oh, let’s do a topless photo where I can make fun of that Putin photo where he was riding topless. And so I took it, and I had never aired a topless photo on any of these social media outlets. You’ve been in Silicon Valley doing this show — what do you like about it and don’t like about it? Like what happened with Boko Haram, and unfortunately our reaction, I don’t think, was in step with what happened. And Kickstarter is a great example of people getting involved for something that they care about. So I can understand when a lot of them aren’t on Twitter, and I don’t think everybody should be on Twitter. They’re not quite sure where they’ll end up, she says. I mean, I’m a Luddite when it comes to anything involved with technology. If you want to make a movie, an important movie and you don’t have the funding, it’s great that you can go out and ask people to help you with that. It might have been easier for me to start on You Tube if I had started now, and just released videos of myself. Kafka: Do you ever think about pulling back and offering less of yourself?