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By 2009, that number had grown to around 20 per cent for heterosexual couples, and 60 per cent for same-sex matches.

An estimated 30 to 40 million North Americans now use online dating sites.

She Says: I’ve had so many girlfriends burned by this one…

A guy will say that he’s prayerfully discerned out the relationship because he needs more time to pursue Christ on his own – and then BAM! If you’re really feeling called like it’s time to be single, be single.

“You’ve got record numbers of unmarried adults, most of whom are busy and wouldn’t know where to start looking for a spouse.

And you’ve got this new technology that allows people from all over the world to communicate.” The quaint dating techniques that sufficed for their grandparents and parents aren’t working as well for today’s singles, Bonacci adds.

In the early ’90s, just one per cent of new relationships began online.

“I think people are skeptical about joining dating things.” A decade later, a somewhat savvier Zuckerberg has had a change of heart.

Last week, Facebook unveiled “Graph Search,” a new search engine that will allow users to comb through data from their existing online networks.

Would you please ask the Seriously Catholic Single Men of the USA and Canada not to mention Theology of the Body on the first date? Additionally, it would be kind if you reminded readers that Catholic dating websites often conduct orthodoxy tests on their members when they sign up, so there is no reason for your readers to behave, on the first date, as if they are volunteers for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the women across from them at the coffee tables of the world are Mary Daly, alive again and in disguise. The whole point to a first date, as apart from a first winkie on a dating site and an introductory email in an In-box, is to discover if a man and a woman have any spark or sense of rapport when they meet in person.

The Seriously Catholic Single Women of the USA and Canada do not like discussing sex, no matter how marital, on the first date. It should involve polite, lighthearted and humorous chit-chat or, if there must be a deep, soulful discussion of something, a deep, soulful discussion that does not involve the most private thoughts and most personally held beliefs of either party.