1911 serial number dating

Swiss Schmidt-Rubin rifles do not have the date of manufacture stamped on any of the rifle parts, so determining when the rifle (and mismatched parts, if any) were manufactured must be determined from the serial numbers.The definitive work on this subject, and Schmidt-Rubin rifles in general, is Die Repetiergewehre der Schweiz, Die Systeme Vetterli und Schmidt-Rubin, by Reinhart, Sallaz, and am Rhyn (ISBN 3-7276-7102-5, copyright 1991 by Verlag Stocker-Schmid AG, Dietikon-Zuerich, Schweiz), from which the tables given here are adapted.Is there a published chart or a way to determine the date of Manufacturer of the RIA Firearms using the serial number?I tried a search of the Forum and Google search of the internet but came up empty. If you intend to buy something from Brownells, Sinclair or Police Store, please use their banners above.The notes about the various models of Schmidt-Rubin rifles are pilfered almost verbatim from Rifles of the World, 2nd edition, by John Walter (ISBN 0-87349-202-1, copyright 1998, published by Krause Publications, 700 E. The rifle photographs are from Samco Global Arms, and are used with permission.Below is a short description of the various models of Swiss Schmidt-Rubin rifles, and then the tables that are necessary to determine when a particular rifle was manufactured (given the model and serial number). I need some help determining the manufature date of my SA.I'm not aware of anything in print regarding serial numbers and dates of mfg .

World War II production: five (5) manufacturers made the M1911A1 pistol: * Colt * Ithaca * Remington-Rand * Union Switch & Signal * Singer Sewing Machine Co. 500) The problem with ID'ing M1911A1's is that parts are totally interchange- able, and during the lives of many examples their slides were many times switched or replaced.

Looking at the pistol's frame, here are some rules to help you identify its maker: 1.

The presence of VP proofmark in a triangle at the left front of the triggerguard; a GHD inspector marking or an M1911A1 marking with- out any spaces between the figures indicates an M1911A1 manufactured by Colt. A serial number preceded by an "S" indicates an M1911A1 manufact- ured by Singer _(not many of these around - an understatement)_ 3.

I guess I could try to call the number tomorrow but does anyone have an updated email contact who might be able to help me date my piece?

If I use email they can answer at their convenience rather than being interrupted via phone. Just bought a used Kimber Custom II for 9.00 out the door. A little dirt, but NO scratches or other handling marks.